Unattached Nail

Tamara Edwards – Naturopath

Unattached nail– When I was 6 I had a drain dropped on my foot which broke my large toe and destroyed the nail. The nail was removed and grew back attached only half way across the toe with dips and crevices. As a result of using the clay to heal my spider bitten feet, the nail also attached to the skin and now looks much like the other toe. From the photo (too blurry to use) you can see the that the nail has different shades of pink from the new attachment and one dip still remaining.

Tennis Elbow

Tamara Edwards – Naturopath

Tennis elbow– My partner had had an accident when hunting and hurt his elbow over a year ago. It never recovered and he was taking anti-inflammatory medication to manage the pain. We packed clay around it and left it over night. We did this for 3 nights. I wanted to pack it again on the 4th night but he told me ‘it’s better now’. He didn’t complain about the elbow for about 4 months until he knocked it again. I think there is so rubbish built up in the joint and am trying to get him to pack it more regularly, but being an impatient man he only wants to use the clay until the pain subsides.

Resolving Sore Nipples from Breastfeeding

Tamara Edwards – Naturopath

Breast feeding –  I put the clay on my nipples in the evening from the first week after giving birth. Each time, by the time baby was due to feed again it had fallen off and dried up. No sore nipples this time which had been a problem with other pregnancies.

Sprained Ankle

“I rolled my ankle quite badly recently while moving logs. I have done this before 4 times during my teens and in my twenties. Each previous time my ankle discoloured due to the bruising. This time I did all the usual things (RICE – Rest, ice, compression, elevation) but added putting some Bentonite clay on twice a day (for 5 days) as well just to see what happened. This time I had no bruising whatsoever which was unusual. This roll of my ankle was at the same pain level as earlier rolls and I expected the same bruising. It did swell a bit but not as much as I recall as the other times. I talked to my physiotherapist about it and he said people bruise more easily as they get older. ”

S. Ireland


From a customer using the clay for detoxification purposes as a bath.

“The clay and cream arrived and it is fantastic! Thank you so much! I have just ordered another 2 bags of clay (from your website) as I have already finished the first bag and need more! Such a great product! I look forward to receiving my next 2 bags of clay!”

L. Freeth

Lung Congestion

“I was diagnosed several years ago with undeserved Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (undeserved because I have not been a smoker). Winter time is particularly difficult – being short of breath and constantly coughing and bringing up phlegm. At Sarah’s suggestion I did alternate castor oil packing and clay packing on my chest. Within 2 weeks the coughing and phlegm had stopped. I stopped the process shortly after, but a couple of months later the cough came back. So, back to the castor oil/clay packing and in 5 days the coughing had stopped. I will continue with this process and it is wonderful to know that even if I have to do this every winter in the future, I can feel so much better and have more energy”

N Anderson


“Hi – Firstly I love your bentoniteclay & diatomaceous earth.  I have sent a few of my patients to your site and they love it too.  One had ulcerated varicose veins which responded very very well and with speed (which we needed).  I am contacting you this time about a couple of patients with lymphedema from previous breast cancer – could the clay help to shift the fluid from their swollen arms?  Warm regards Georgia”

Sarah’s reply:

“Hi Georgia, Thanks for your lovely email. It is always wonderful to hear of the results. Yes the clay would be very good for lymphodema. It needs to be packed on thickly and left in place for probably around 2 hours minimum. Using food wrap to cover would be the best thing to prevent the clay from drying out. Cover the entire underarm and side of the breast. Daily to start. I would also recommend clay baths to reduce overall toxin load. Stay in touch and let us know how you go.”

2 months later Georgia contacted us to order more clay and told us that the clay had “worked fabulously” for the lymphodema patients.

Georgia Mugan, Red Crane Acupuncture


Chemotherapy Support

“Through my business The Lymphatic Clinic I see many people with cancer who are going through the mainstream chemo and radiotherapy.  When I see these clients the first thing I now do is get them using Purely Earth clay and the Essential Detox Minerals.  There are two reasons for this; their health and my own.

From working as closely as I do directly on my clients bodies, I have noticed there is a chemo vapour that comes off the cancer patients. This makes me extremely lethargic with a nasty metallic taste in my mouth and I get a clue what it must be like to go through chemotherapy. When I work on a new chemo client or anyone with heavy metal poisoning this happens. In the evening I now have a 20 minute bath in Purely Earth clay and have some Detox Minerals, and come right back to normal, invigorated and alert again.

The clients who use the clay baths at least twice a week throughout their chemo do not give off the same vapour (which is better for me and them) and they bounce through chemo so much better.  Some of them are convinced that the clay, mineral drops and my lymphatic work are the reason their hair grows back so quickly too.

I simply cannot imagine doing my work without this high quality clay.”

Joanne Booth, The Lymphatic Clinic Tauranga