Please note: A number of other websites refer to using bentonite clay. Please DO NOT substitute their guidelines or product for ours. Our clay is stronger in its action than a lot of other clays, different in its texture and the way it behaves. Our guidelines are designed to work with our products.

This guideline has been written by our practitioner Sarah Beesley (MHD Hons) to provide a comprehensive approach. The best result is gained when the whole guideline is followed. The best result is gained when the whole guideline is followed. Please be aware that results may vary and that if you have any other  pre-exisiting conditions, we advise working with a trained practitioner. 

The following information is not intended to diagnose any condition or to replace the advice of your doctor.  

About Autism

There are many theories about why autism occurs and is increasing, and much debate as to whether it is a genetic condition or one that is triggered through environmental factors or a combination of both. Our experience is that autistic children are usually children who have a breakdown in the detoxification ability of their bodies. We suspect a high toxin load combined with a genetic weakness in some of the detoxification pathways results in the autism. Increasing the detoxification ability usually results in vast improvements in the severity of the autism and in some cases, a resolution of the autism.

Suspected triggers such as vaccinations, metals and chemical exposures all have one thing in common. They all have the potential to overload the detoxification ability of a child with specific weakness in their detoxification pathways. These pathways often respond very well with the right nutritional and detoxification support.

There are now many autism treatment centres in the USA incorporating the use of bentonite clay as well as nutrition in their successful treatment regimens. Detoxing and chelating with clay baths is proving to be a key factor in their success.

Detoxify Gently

  • We recommend using Purely Earth Clay baths at 2-3 baths per week for the first month. Keep the child in the bath for 30 minutes each time. Reduce the baths to 1-2 per week after this. For how to make a clay bath Click HereMany children will instinctively want to eat the clay as well.
  • Use Purely Earth Essential Detox Minerals.  They are a unique ionic mineral formulation which provides all of the most commonly deficient minerals required to run the digestive enzymes and liver enzymes in a highly bio-available form. Use 2 ml of the liquid per day for adults and 1 drop per kilo of body weight for children under 10. Put into water or diluted juice.
  • Do not use B vitamins without practitioner support. Autistic children and adults can have breaks in the detoxification process called methylation and some B Vitamins may aggravate or over-excite parts of this pathway.  It is best to get the correct testing for methylation done by a natural health practitioner before trying to use liver supporting supplements other than basic minerals.

Removing the Inflammatory Triggers

  • There are often inflammatory foods present which can make the autism worse. We recommend getting our Food and Chemical Sensitivity Test done. In our experience, this is usually essential. Most autistic children have intolerances to commonly eaten ingredients like wheat, gluten, dairy and sugar, but they may also be intolerant to less obvious foods and this is where testing is very valuable.

In Addition

  • Address any signs of weak digestion such as “sore tummies”, reflux, bloating, gas and indigestion. This is important and can be done by removing any inflammatory foods and using Purely Earth Detox Minerals. Some children may need specific digestive enzymes at a 1/2 capsule emptied in to each meal to improve their digestion.
  • Give your child lots of green and colourful vegetables and a good quality protein at least 2 times a day. Avoid diets that are high in starchy carbohydrates such as bread, biscuits or cereals, or protein-deficient diets because protein is an essential nutrient required for repair, digestion and detoxification. If you choose to go vegetarian, get some good advice about how to get adequate protein within your diet changes. The World Health Organisation Standard is 1 gm of protein value per kilo of body weight. This means a 60 kg person requires a minimum of 60 gm of protein value per day in their diet. A palm size piece of fish for example, contains around 25 gm of protein content and 100 gm of tofu contains around 10 gms.
  • Avoid food that comes in packets, especially those that contain “numbers”. Eat food that is as close to its natural form as possible. This means it contains more nutrients and less added toxins and a better resource base for your child to use.
  • Avoid sugary foods or beverages. These usually make the autism worse.
  • Use a quality fish oil and reduce the amount of vegetable oil and saturated fat in your child’s diet.
  • Make sure your child is drinking adequate water. The body needs this to make digestive juices and to clear acidic wastes.
  • Include a small amount of Celtic or Maldon salt as part of their diet. The body needs the chloride it provides to make digestive juices. Do not use table salt – it is high in aluminium and is lacking in trace minerals.

Cover all the Bases

  • Low grade chronic yeast or bacterial infections in the bowel and elsewhere are often present in autistic children. We suggest you work with an experienced practitioner to investigate and address this.
  • We strongly recommend getting a Metal and Mineral Test done. Most autistic children have a difficulty clearing metals and their metal levels can be very high. We recommend working with our practitioner Sarah who knows how to interpret a test like this and who does not just rely on the basic lab interpretation. It is also not advised to allow your child to undergo standard chelation therapy. A nutritional balancing approach should be used instead, which allows the metals to be removed at a pace the body can handle without causing any body stress.

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