Wood Splitter Accident

Tamara Edwards – Naturopath

    • Wood splitter accident
      I came home late one evening to my partner with what looked like rag used for cleaning his guns and a mess of electrical tape around his middle finger. He told me that he’d had an accident with the log splitter. When he took off his ‘bandage’ I could see that the finger was split right down to the very root of the nail. He didn’t want to drive to Masterton for stitches and I was too scared to even clean it, so we decided to put clay on it.  I pushed the separated nail and skin together evenly and then moulded clay around the top and bandaged it properly. In the morning the skin and the nail had started to heal back together. It looked very delicate and we thought that the nail would probably end up falling off. We clayed it up another 2 nights and it looked quite good. Despite it never being cleaned and having used a dirty rag, it never got infected. The clay cleaned the wound thoroughly and healed what normally would have required stitches. The nail never came off. The photograph shows how the wound healed through the nail. Footnote: Several months later, the nail has grown out with no visible scarring on it.

Perineum Tear

Tamara Edwards – Naturopath

Perineum healing–  As soon as baby was born and I could get up, I wiped ready made up clay onto a sanitary pad and sprayed it with witch hazel. I did this every evening for 4 days. My midwife Laura Wright checked me on the 4th day because some stitches had fallen out. She told me that it healed up better than that of 2 weeks. I was feeling very well and able to get around and do things so much earlier than my previous birth.

Severe Leg Wound and Ulcer

“I am a slightly wobbly 83 year old man. One night in the dark, I missed my footing outside and fell. I grazed the front of my right leg badly and ended up in A&E for several hours while they dealt with it. After some days of dressings it was suggested I try a clay poultice. We dressed the whole wound every night with a thick clay mixture and wrapped it in glad wrap. We wrapped this with a bandage and a stocking. During the day we left this off. In just over 3 weeks, like a miracle, it was healed. I am back walking around Henley Lake and my normal life has become reality again. With thanks to Sarah who gave us this new way of treatment.”

Micheal Hargreaves.

Sarah Beesley (practitioner) was asked by Michael’s wife Julia to help with her husband’s leg injury.

Sarah’s summary: “The district nurses had come regularly to dress the wound but there had been little change and Michael was starting, in Julia’s words, to become depressed because the wound was affecting his mobility and he was no longer doing the exercise he did everyday. He’d been on antibiotics because there was a high risk of infection setting in and previous wounds he’d had, had taken a very long time to heal.

I showed them how to pack his leg with clay, keeping it on overnight and washing it off gently every morning. The wound was left to air during the day with only a light bandage on it when he needed to wear trousers.  He also had a sore on the back of his leg that wasn’t healing after 6 weeks of standard treatment, antibiotics and regular dressing. We decided to pack that as well.

The following photograph shows Michael’s leg 12 days after the accident and before we started to use the clay.


After 3 days, Michael was back to walking daily. The wound had evidence of the skin starting to regrow, there was good healthy scab formation and he was able to leave the wound undressed. After 1 week, the sore on the back of his leg had completely healed. At this stage he was back to using the ride-on mower which is where I found him when I called in to assess the


This photograph shows progress 2 weeks after using the clay every night. The bruising has completely gone and much of the wound has healed. We continued packing at this stage even though the wound was well under control. This was largely because I know how difficult it can be to get wounds to heal in the elderly. Michael had developed a large cold sore on his bottom lip so we decided to pack that twice a day as well and I put him on some nutritional support. The cold sore resolved very quickly and 9 days later, his leg was almost fully healed!


This photograph shows where we were at 3 weeks after starting the clay packing.”

Splinter Removal

“For over a year I had a small lump in the middle of my forehead as a consequence of walking into the end of a broken branch in the bush. There was nothing to see but if I happened to touch it it made me feel sick with pain. A month ago I had a Purely Earth face mask and a week later I noticed the lump on my head had broken skin. I gave it an exploratory squeeze and out popped a piece of wood. It has healed over and I have no lump and no pain. Good stuff bentonite clay.”

Mary Bell Thornton

Post Natal Cord Trauma

Tamara Edwards – Naturopath

Post Natal Cord Trauma – I accidentally ripped off the baby’s cord when she was only 4 days old. I heard a tearing noise … My midwife Laura had just finished telling me that day that leaving the cord til it drops off reduces the chance of infection, so I put clay on it. All good.”

Arm Wound and Severe Bruising

(The following is from a lady who is in her eighties who was very prone to bruising and who has very fragile skin. When she came in to see me, a little dog had torn 3 large flaps of skin from her arm, but which were still attached. The area had significant dark purple bruising over the entire area which was about 20cm long and 10cm wide).

”I have had a great experience with clay recently.  I was clawed quite severely on my arm by an over enthusiastic little dog. It was a nasty deep wound and very sore.  Every night I treated it with a clay pack and bound it with Glad wrap, and repeated the process again in the morning.  After a week the improvement in the colour  of the wound (bruising) was very noticeable. After two weeks the wound was closing quite rapidly and a healthy scab had formed, which after three weeks had completely gone. This wound was really alarming, but I have no doubt the clay packs really did the healing”.


(In the elderly, wounds of this nature can be very problematic and can take months to heal. I was intrigued to note that the bruises that were outside the area Yvonne had packed were still there 3 weeks later, but the ones which had been exposed to the clay had gone. This experience has since been repeated with other clients of a similar age. 3 weeks after this testimoial was sent, Yvonne also told me a patch on her leg that looked like the start of an ulcer had gone with using the clay. It had been there for many months prior).

Black Eye

Colette came into our clinic for some clay after her son Tom had fallen over injuring his face. She kindly documented his progress for us as follows:

“Hi Sarah, Ok here goes….. 13th Dec – Tom was running to catch the school bus after school and as boys do racing and he had his hands in his bag straps holding his bag on. He tripped and slid face first onto concrete with bits of gravel. I hadn’t put anything on it.  Tamara (one of my staff) suggested the clay”.

Toms Black Eye - photo 1

“14th December – Each time I took the clay off this is how it appeared. I used your Vitamin E cream applied twice a day, alternated with colloidal silver . I applied the clay daily for 5 days”.

(Side view on first day of packing. The white stuff is Vitamin E Cream).

Toms Black Eye - photo 2

(Front view on the first day of packing).

Tom's Black Eye - photo 3

“Sunday 15th – Clay applied , eye swelling up”.

Tom's Black Eye - photo 4

“24th Dec – Scarring noticeable but pale inside. Vitamin E Cream applied twice daily still, alternated with colloidal silver”.

Tom's Black Eye - photo 5

“Continued sunblock when in sun of course and Vitamin E Cream morning and night”.
(Last photo taken 22 Feb, no scarring visible)

Hope this is helpful, I think the stuff is amazing!”

Colette Clarkson


Black Eye and Skin Grafts

“Hi Sarah, Just wanted to let you know that we have had some amazing feedback for the Healing Clay!

An older client came in for Osteopathy with a huge angry black eye – her horse had thrown her head up and banged her cheek bone really hard.  I sent her away with a small amount of clay and it worked wonders – took all the swelling and dark bruising down within a couple of days, she was delighted.  She also loved how soothing it was to use, and has taken a big bag because she realises how handy it is for so many uses in the home and on the farm.

The other client was the mother of a young child (3 years old) with very severe burns on her hand and torso.  She’s had multiple surgeries and skin grafts for these but since her mother started packing her skin at night while she’s asleep, she and other family members have noticed a huge difference in the texture and colour of her skin.  They are so grateful, as you can imagine, and have taken some Vitamin E cream to massage in after rinsing the clay.  Her mum said she wished she’d had it for when her other child had a nasty cut on her elbow which got infected, as she’s sure it would have cleared it up so much quicker.”

Nicola Staunton, Wellington Osteopaths

Radiation Burns

“A female patient came to me, 70 years old. She had received radiation/chemo treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma 18 months ago. Her treatment left 10-12 burns over her back and neck. When she came to see me the burns were still severely itchy, open wounds, red, hot, angry looking, painful about 1 cm each in diameter. I started her using the Bentonite clay, packing it externally on the wounds. The itching stopped immediately. The wounds healed over in 8 days. My patient is obviously delighted by result. Many thanks.”

Harriet Epstein, Auckland Acupuncturist

Non-healing Wounds in the Elderly

“Hi Sarah, I have also been using the clay for treating non healing chronic wounds on an elderly patient. The area of main concern which is more like proud flesh than an ulcer has started to lessen albeit slowly after 1.5 weeks. However even better for her is the relief of pain the clay provides.  Prior to the clay applications she had pounding and tingling of the wound and surround areas. The first time I went to see her to show her how to apply the clay, within 5 minutes she felt relief of this pain and now is able to sleep better and is more comfortable during the day also. She has not had a return of the thumping pain she has had for the last 12 months.

I have gently guided her towards some minerals and vitamins to support skin healing and it is my hope that with both the clay and improved nutrient uptake she may heal more quickly. I will keep you posted.

I have also found the clay fantastic at clearing pityriasis with a thin layer of clay applied at night to the affected area. Thanks Again.”

Jodi Williams – Registered Nurse, Naturopath