Sun Spot

Tamara Edwards – Naturopath

Sun spot– I had a sun spot on my knee which was slowly fading over the last 4 years. (I had been using a green tea teabag on it). After about 3 clay baths the spot had disappeared.  A month later I unexpectedly spent 5 hours in the sun without shade or sunscreen which resulted in a similar spot on my arm. I put clay on it twice and it fell off like a scab the second time I used the clay on it.

Resolving Sore Nipples from Breastfeeding

Tamara Edwards – Naturopath

Breast feeding –  I put the clay on my nipples in the evening from the first week after giving birth. Each time, by the time baby was due to feed again it had fallen off and dried up. No sore nipples this time which had been a problem with other pregnancies.

Nappy Rash

Tamara Edwards – Naturopath

Nappy rash– Baby was wearing cloth nappies and wasn’t getting much air time due to the weather being absolutely freezing! Laura asked me if I was going to put clay on it, so I put clay on it. I left the clay in the creases and it looked great the next day.


“Hi Sarah, This is my second order. Used  it first for my husband’s ongoing outbreaks of boils , masked with antibiotics. It took longer to heal ( as we expected) but so far no more problems. Then we have a friend with a longstanding leg ulcer following injury years ago. He says it has been the best thing used, the pain is not there, he can walk more comforably. I have also given it to 2 of my staff, one had burnt her leg badly on a hottie! The other had an infected bite which had started to involve the lymph glands. Definitely my first to go to remedy. Thankyou.”



“Hi Sarah, thought you might be interested to know that my sister has had wonderful results already with her daughters skin condition (hives/excema) She has been giving her clay baths, using the vitamin E cream and cut out dairy, she says her skin is looking great! The bumps have completely gone and her skin is a lot smoother! A very happy customer and a much happier little girl.Thanks again for coming out to Pongaroa and sharing your wealth of knowledge. Everybody I’ve spoken to really enjoyed it. I’m enjoying a clay foot bath as I type. My sister really is blown away at the fast results especially with her daughters excema which has almost completely disappeared! She had suffered badly from it since she was a baby, she is now 4yrs. Amazing product can see why you are so passionate about it!! Thank you  ”

D McMillan  (This was achieved within a week of using  Purely Earth Clay and Purely Earth Vitamin E Cream).

Later from the little girl’s mother:

“Hi Sarah, I met you at Pongaroa with my daughter who was covered in hives.  I have not used any steroid creams since and when she isn’t feeling 100% she even asks to have a clay bath. I have been spreading the word about the clay and even had a nurse who was returning to her office to inform the eczema clinic about your wonderful product. Thanks heaps.”


Skin Grafts

“Hi Sarah, Just wanted to let you know that we have had some amazing feedback for the Healing Clay!

An older client came in for Osteopathy with a huge angry black eye – her horse had thrown her head up and banged her cheek bone really hard.  I sent her away with a small amount of clay and it worked wonders – took all the swelling and dark bruising down within a couple of days, she was delighted.  She also loved how soothing it was to use, and has taken a big bag because she realises how handy it is for so many uses in the home and on the farm.

The other client was the mother of a young child (3 years old) with very severe burns on her hand and torso.  She’s had multiple surgeries and skin grafts for these but since her mother started packing her skin at night while she’s asleep, she and other family members have noticed a huge difference in the texture and colour of her skin.  They are so grateful, as you can imagine, and have taken some Vitamin E cream to massage in after rinsing the clay.  Her mum said she wished she’d had it for when her other child had a nasty cut on her elbow which got infected, as she’s sure it would have cleared it up so much quicker.”

Nicola Staunton, Wellington Osteopaths

Cradle Cap

“I was contacted by a mother with 2 small children with persistent cradle cap and eczema. After packing their heads daily in the clay and bathing them in it every day for 3 weeks, both the cradle cap and the eczema had gone. Allergy testing for both children revealed a Candida infection (consistent with the cradle cap) and food intolerances which we tested for and addressed, and I put them both on our specialised liquid mineral drops to provide additional detoxification, digestive and immune support. They are continuing to do well”.

Sarah Beesley, Medical Herbalist


Clay Face Mask

“I have been drinking sodium bentonite clay for several months now and continue to find it very beneficial for my health. (I make a solution of 7 ounces of water and 1 ounce of clay.  I began by drinking two tablespoons per day but now take one tablespoon per day).  Within one week I noticed that my acid reflux had disappeared.  Within a few weeks my bowel movements had become more regular.  I also noticed an improvement in my digestion of food.

I also started to use clay face masks.  For many years I have used Fuller’s Earth, another form of natural clay.  This was very good for tightening the pores on the face.  However, what I found with the bentonite clay – after a few days of regular use – was that the pores appeared to flatten as well as tighten.  The skin seems to be showing signs of cell renewal from the inside out.  Whereas the Fuller’s Earth resulted in an overall tightening effect of the skin, the bentonite clay gives the skin a plumped up appearance and a more youthful glow.  I have one very large and deep pore which is, after many years, now gradually closing up – it almost seems to be “healing” from the inside out. I can highly recommend regular use of this clay – and it’s also very economical to use!”

Mavis Saxton, Therapeutic Masseuse


Palmoplantar Keratoderma

“My skin trouble started about one year ago. Dry and cracked skin on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Very hard to do every day’s life. I was diagnosed with Palmoplantar Keratoderma by a NZ Dermatologist. I took a few drugs for about 4 months but no improvement showed.  I started a special diet which heals psoriasis by nature cure from the end of last July. I also did colon cleansing and started taking a few supplements to clean my bowels. About 5 months after (around xmas time) I was starting to show improvement but very slowly. The first time I visited Sarah was on 1st  Feb 2013. She taught me how to use the clay on my hands and feet. This has significantly improved my skin condition. I am still continuing to use the clay.

I have attached my photos of  my feet and hands, you can see how improved they are.”

Sumiko H.

sumiko-h-foot - Purely Earth sumiko-h-photo2

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Face Mask

“… I stayed with Mo last weekend and tried your clay….it’s spectacular!! Cian, Shea and I sat looking hideous, slathered in the stuff but we all saw the results in the morning :-).”

C Wilson