Skin Grafts

“Hi Sarah, Just wanted to let you know that we have had some amazing feedback for the Healing Clay!

An older client came in for Osteopathy with a huge angry black eye – her horse had thrown her head up and banged her cheek bone really hard.  I sent her away with a small amount of clay and it worked wonders – took all the swelling and dark bruising down within a couple of days, she was delighted.  She also loved how soothing it was to use, and has taken a big bag because she realises how handy it is for so many uses in the home and on the farm.

The other client was the mother of a young child (3 years old) with very severe burns on her hand and torso.  She’s had multiple surgeries and skin grafts for these but since her mother started packing her skin at night while she’s asleep, she and other family members have noticed a huge difference in the texture and colour of her skin.  They are so grateful, as you can imagine, and have taken some Vitamin E cream to massage in after rinsing the clay.  Her mum said she wished she’d had it for when her other child had a nasty cut on her elbow which got infected, as she’s sure it would have cleared it up so much quicker.”

Nicola Staunton, Wellington Osteopaths