Eczema and Cradle Cap

“I was contacted by a mother with 2 small children with persistent cradle cap and eczema. After packing their heads daily in the clay and bathing them in it every day for 3 weeks, both the cradle cap and the eczema had gone. Allergy testing for both children revealed a Candida infection (consistent with the cradle cap) and food intolerances which we tested for and addressed, and I put them both on our specialised liquid mineral drops to provide additional detoxification, digestive and immune support. They are continuing to do well”.

Sarah Beesley, Medical Herbalist


Reducing the Itch

Another lovely bit of feedback via txt:

“Have to get more clay off you. Gave mine to friend whose daughter has eczema so bad. She didn’t scratch all weekend cos she used mine (as bath). She will be in touch soon. The little girl was so happy all weekend. First time she been itch free forever.”

L Gamby

Eczema and Hives

“Hi Sarah, thought you might be interested to know that my sister has had wonderful results already with her daughters skin condition (hives/excema) She has been giving her clay baths, using the vitamin E cream and cut out dairy, she says her skin is looking great! The bumps have completely gone and her skin is a lot smoother! A very happy customer and a much happier little girl.Thanks again for coming out to Pongaroa and sharing your wealth of knowledge. Everybody I’ve spoken to really enjoyed it. I’m enjoying a clay foot bath as I type. My sister really is blown away at the fast results especially with her daughters excema which has almost completely disappeared! She had suffered badly from it since she was a baby, she is now 4yrs. Amazing product can see why you are so passionate about it!! Thank you  ”

D McMillan  (This was achieved within a week of using  Purely Earth Clay and Purely Earth Vitamin E Cream).

Later from the little girl’s mother:

“Hi Sarah, I met you at Pongaroa with my daughter who was covered in hives.  I have not used any steroid creams since and when she isn’t feeling 100% she even asks to have a clay bath. I have been spreading the word about the clay and even had a nurse who was returning to her office to inform the eczema clinic about your wonderful product. Thanks heaps.”


Severe Eczema

“Thank you so much for helping my little girl.  Melah is now six months old and at 7 weeks she was diagnosed with severe eczema. Her torso was fire red everyday and every second day her skin would shed.  She was misdiagnosed by several medical professionals at the beginning saying that they were hormone spots. I had her examined in Auckland by a Allergist Paedeatrician,  she prescribed a different formula and steroid cream.  The new formula helped but by no means cleared up her eczema.  The steroid cream would clear it up, but I had to use it everyday to keep it under control.

The first time I used the healing clay I had not used steroid cream for the previous two days as I wanted to really see what the clay would do.  The next day after her bath her skin was clear and soft and no irritations anywhere.  I bathed her every night for the first week and then down to every three days, I was hesitant at first to change to every three days as I was sure it would come back like it did when I stopped using the steroid cream but, it didn’t in fact her skin just keeps getting better and better.

Thank you so much, I am delighted to see my daughter so comfortable and definitely reassured that I’m using a natural and safe product on her.”

Jody Wards


Update from Jody 3 months later:

“Hi Sarah, Just thought I’d let you know that I took Beran back to the doctors last week to check his ears again, before we were given a specialist appointment for Gromits.  He had to go on a low does antibiotic for a month ½ a teaspoon once a day for a month before you are allowed a specialist appointment.  This was Beran’s 5th lot of antibiotics, the previous 4 had made no difference to his ear. I took your advice and took him off wheat and dairy and his ear has cleared up.  The doctor couldn’t quite believe it and  said that he honestly thought it wouldn’t clear up and that he would be sending me to the specialist after this appointment.

So another success story for you. Thank you for all the amazing help you have given my family.  Melah is still thriving and her skin is amazing, friends that saw her before all your help can’t believe she is the same baby girl.  Very healthy happy family.”

Child’s Eczema

“Hi Sarah, A good friend of mine highly recommended your clay and gave me some to try. My daughter suffers from severe eczema and none of the lotions and creams we have been using were working. Within a week of using your clay, my daughters eczema has improved and is healing quickly. She doesn’t scratch her skin while it is on and it cools her down also. I wish I had known about this years ago. Thanks for having a safe and natural product that actually works.

C. Embi

Breaking the antibiotic and steroid cycle.

“Hi Sarah, We are having a wonderful result with the clay baths. I am so relieved! Of the patches of eczema that were recent and not nummular, the redness has almost gone, the skin is flat and the dry scaly skin is improving.

I have not needed the locoid ointment except for two or three places of the nummular eczema spots on the inside of my son’s arms and a small patch on his penis. We have been clay packing on the thumb joint spots and a few patches around the mouth that were really red and scaly. Afterwards, they are much less red, and the skin is noticeably ‘smoother’ he is scratching it less so obviously the itchiness is going. It has been a radical change over the past two days, we are really impressed. Even my son (who is 4) has been telling people about up the clay and today my sister said she had an itchy finger and he said she should come over and try the clay!

The spots which were infected with S.aureus are less red and the skin is returning to normal colour and reducing in size, some are barely visible and only needing the Vit E cream we got from you to moisturise them. Without wanting to be melodramatic, this is the first time in over three months that I have felt hopeful I am able to help him improve long term and resolve this problem. It’s a great feeling. Thank you.

I have been enjoying reading more on your website, it has made such a difference to have the mechanisms underlying eczema and its treatment explained so clearly. That has made all the difference to me having confidence in this process.”

Rebecca L.