Dental Improvement

“I am writing today to express my thanks. I began using Purely Earth Bentonite Clay to get rid of a verucca (wart-like thing on the undersole of my foot) and after just 2 weeks it disappeared, so I did some research and decided to use use it as a tooth paste. My gums are the best they have been for years and my mouth feels cleaner than ever. I also use the clay to bathe in and I cannot tell you just how wonderful this product is. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

K. Murphy




“Hi Sarah,
I received my clay yesterday. Very prompt, considering I ordered it just before the xmas break. Thank you.

I am very impressed with it’s effectiveness. I have been using another brand of clay for a very long time to help with my very poor oral health.  Daily brushing, flossing, natural remedies etc etc etc…………. has not stopped the progression of my gum disease. I tend to make a fairly dry clay and colloidal silver mixture in a small jar and every night I poke bits of the clay between my teeth, in the gingival pockets and other problem areas.

I used your clay last night and this morning and (it sounds yuk!) I removed heaps more foul smelling clay and whatever else it managed to suck out of my gums and teeth.  A huge improvement. Cheers.”


Acid Reflux

“I have been drinking sodium bentonite clay for several months now and continue to find it very beneficial for my health. (I make a solution of 7 ounces of water and 1 ounce of clay.  I began by drinking two tablespoons per day but now take one tablespoon per day).  Within one week I noticed that my acid reflux had disappeared.  Within a few weeks my bowel movements had become more regular.  I also noticed an improvement in my digestion of food.

I also started to use clay face masks.  For many years I have used Fuller’s Earth, another form of natural clay.  This was very good for tightening the pores on the face.  However, what I found with the bentonite clay – after a few days of regular use – was that the pores appeared to flatten as well as tighten.  The skin seems to be showing signs of cell renewal from the inside out.  Whereas the Fuller’s Earth resulted in an overall tightening effect of the skin, the bentonite clay gives the skin a plumped up appearance and a more youthful glow.  I have one very large and deep pore which is, after many years, now gradually closing up – it almost seems to be “healing” from the inside out. I can highly recommend regular use of this clay – and it’s also very economical to use!”

Mavis Saxton, Therapeutic Masseuse