Fungal Toe

Tamara Edwards – Naturopath

Fungal toe– I had a persistent fungal toe that had never responded to any treatments I had tried. I had had white tail bites on my feet and was told that the poison never clears from the tissue. My feet also presented in a type of psoriasis due to the toxins in the skin which made them feel tingly and uncomfortable. I packed my feet every second day and bathed them in a bucket when I couldn’t pack them. After a week the tingle went away and cleared up the flaky skin. After 3 weeks the fungal area of the nail fell off and left only the root of my nail which had been the new growth of the nail since I had started the clay.

Nappy Rash

Tamara Edwards – Naturopath

Nappy rash– Baby was wearing cloth nappies and wasn’t getting much air time due to the weather being absolutely freezing! Laura asked me if I was going to put clay on it, so I put clay on it. I left the clay in the creases and it looked great the next day.

Cradle Cap

“I was contacted by a mother with 2 small children with persistent cradle cap and eczema. After packing their heads daily in the clay and bathing them in it every day for 3 weeks, both the cradle cap and the eczema had gone. Allergy testing for both children revealed a Candida infection (consistent with the cradle cap) and food intolerances which we tested for and addressed, and I put them both on our specialised liquid mineral drops to provide additional detoxification, digestive and immune support. They are continuing to do well”.

Sarah Beesley, Medical Herbalist


Fungal Infection

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Cynthia Fornett

Fungal Finger Nails

“For several years I had a fungal infection in my fingernails that would not leave me, even when I tried remedies such as antibiotics from the doctor and over the counter topical remedies from the chemist.  No matter what I tried, nothing worked and my nails continued to have painful infections around the sides of the nails and all my nails had a blackened appearance.  Some nails would die completely and then fall off and as soon as the new nails grew back, the fungal infection would attack again.

A friend gave me a sample of the Purely Earth Sodium Bentonite Clay and said that it had worked for her fungal infections in her fingernails and toenails.  After trimming my nails as short as possible, every night I smeared the clay over my fingernails, making sure the clay was pushed down as far as possible into the top of the nails and into the sides of the nails.  I kept the clay on overnight and washed it off in the morning.  After about 2 weeks, the painful infections went away and after about 3-4 weeks I noticed my fingernails were regenerating at the bottom which meant my nails were looking less black.  Over the next 4-5 weeks the improvement continued to the point that my fingernails had no black appearance at all and were back to being healthy.

My father also had been suffering from fungal infections in his fingernails and toenails for several years, so since the clay worked so well for me, I gave him some clay to try and he reported the same improvement as I had with my nails.  It is such a relief for both of us to be rid of a very painful and unsightly problem with our nails.”

D Curnow

Stubborn Fungal Infection in Toe

Sarah Beesley, Medical Herbalist and Integrative Health Practitioner

Ms. C contacted me through the website to get advice on how to use our clay on an infected toe that had been a problem for around 2-3 months. It was unclear as to what had started the infection and Ms. C had been treated with 4 different antibiotics which had made no improvement. One of the antibiotics she reacted to badly with her throat swelling closed and she was looking for another solution to the problem. I asked her to send me photographs and supervised her through the treatment process, saying that I suspected the problem was fungal because of the condition of her nails and the type of skin damage presenting.

Fungal Toe Infection 1

Fungal Toe Infection 2

Ms. C’s toe before we started the clay treatment. The nail was clearly infected with fungus as were a couple of other nails on the same foot. She packed the toe and surrounding area with clay and did clay foot baths daily.

Fungal Toe Infection 3

After starting clay treatment we quickly got rid of the surface infection, the dead tissue and the skin started to improve. The infection started to become more localised and was showing primarily as a single weeping skin area.

Fungal Toe Infection 4

Fungal Toe Infection 5

We continued clay packing daily and as we progressed, white spots started to appear. It became apparent at this stage that the issue was indeed a deep-seated fungal infection. The white spots started to become white fluid-filled blisters which Ms.C would pop. They healed quickly and occurred in several places around the toe.

Fungal Toe Infection 6

An example of one of the blisters that formed. We continued the clay packing daily and started the systemic fungal treatment as outlined in the Purely Earth Treatment Library. The blister frequency promptly diminished, the fungal nails by this stage were clearly improving and starting to grow out, and the overall health of the tissue continued to improve.

Fungal Toe Infection 7

4-5 months later new healthy nail is clearly visible. A small amount of athletes foot between the two smaller toes is clearing with the continued use of the clay and the last of the systemic fungal treatment. The other fungal nails are also well on their way to growing out with healthy new nail visible. Ms.C also noted several improvements in her immune function which included no longer having a major reaction to insect bites, and in the strength of her digestive function.

Fungal Toe Nails

“Hi Sarah, I thought you might like these photos. This senior gentleman has had severe foot problems and fungal toenails for 20 years. (Could never wear sandals in public) These photos show new healthy toenails growing after 7 months treatment with Purely Earth Healing Clay and Essential Detox Minerals. He is stoked.”
Before treatment – same on both feet

Fungal Nails, Purely Earthq

After 7 months of clay applications and Essential Detox Minerals internally – same
improvement on both feet



Supplied by Dr. Heidi Ward-McGrath