Please note: A number of other websites refer to using bentonite clay. Please DO NOT substitute their guidelines or product for ours. Our clay is stronger in its action than a lot of other clays, different in its texture and the way it behaves. Our guidelines are designed to work with our products.

This guideline has been written by our practitioner Sarah Beesley (MHD Hons) to provide a comprehensive approach. The best result is gained when the whole guideline is followed. 

The following information is not intended to diagnose any condition or to replace the advice of your doctor.  

  • For conditions like Chickenpox which cover most of the body, clay baths are best. They can substantially reduce the itching and scarring. Baths can be used safely at 20 – 30 minutes with children who are 3 months and older. For newborns, use a maximum of 10 minutes at a time. For adults we recommend a 30–60 minute bath. For how to make and use a clay bath Click Here
  • Always follow with Purely Earth Vitamin E Cream. This is a non-chemical natural cream that nourishes and feeds the skin and will help to soothe and heal any stressed areas of the skin surface.
  • For the worst areas or areas which are not healing, localised packing can be helpful alongside the baths. Start with packing for 1-2 hours a day for 10-14 days. If you feel you want to try leaving the clay poultice on for longer, do so and see how it feels. For how to make and use a clay pack Click Here
  • Always support the immune system when dealing with infections. We recommend 500 mg doses of Vitamin C frequently through the day and additional zinc balanced with copper. Check with an experienced practitioner as to the dosing required for the age of the person you are assisting.

© Purely Earth Ltd. This document may be copied and used as a patient handout in its entirety but is not to be replicated on any other websites or publishing media either in full or part without our permission.