Sometimes a little more help is required…

If this is the case, please make an appointment with our practitioner Sarah Beesley. You can ring her clinic on 06 3797705 (NZ) or contact her through her clinic website  She can work with you in person, by skype or by phone. To find out more about Sarah and how she works, please visit her clinic website.

Sarah - Self Heal Clinic

Sarah is a qualified Medical Herbalist and internationally trained Health Coach with over 9 years of clinical experience. She specialises in mineral analysis, nutrition, digestive complaints, allergy and gland related issues, and is skilled in addressing the root of many health problems. Sarah’s passion is in educating people as to why their bodies have expressed their imbalance in a particular way, with the aim of empowering them to gain the tools needed to facilitate long lasting change. All of our Free Professional Health Guidelines are written by Sarah which gives you some idea as to the breadth of her knowledge.

An outline of the process Sarah may need to take you through:

Sarah will send out some detailed forms for you to fill in and return prior to your appointment. These are designed to provide her with a lot of information quickly so she has a good handle on where your strengths and weaknesses lie before she works with you. This cuts down the amount of consulting time for you which reduces the cost of getting started. This time is given free of charge.

The program Sarah has put together is called The Ultimate Health Program. It is focused on educating you about your body and resolving the root cause of your health issues. Sarah does a lot of what she calls “joining the dots” for people and for many of them it is the first time they fully understand why their body is behaving the way it is.

Your first appointment will be 1 hour. This is to go over your health history in depth and to discuss any testing that may be required. Sarah will ask you more about certain things that may have been identified from your questionnaires. At this appointment Sarah will give you a clear idea as to  the process she will need to take you through.

She will get you to do a food diary and your next appointment will be an hour required to go over that – looking at food nutrient density, what kinds of signals your food is giving your body, how to control fatigue and weight gain, how you can use food to reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, and how to read food labels more accurately.

The 2 most common tests she uses are:
  1. A Food and Chemical Sensitivity Test. The cost of this test as part of The Ultimate Health Program is $129. (It is $165 if done as a casual client as a lot more time is involved in writing up the explanation.)   Click here for more information.
  2. A Metal and Mineral Analysis. This comes with a 20+ page personalised report including a full treatment outline. The cost of this test as part of The Ultimate Health Program is $260. It is $355 if done as a casual client. Click here for more information.
  3. Sarah will discuss with you whether other testing is recommended such as thyroid, liver or hormonal testing.

From here the appointments are usually half hour appointments and vary in number. This will depend on your rate of progress, the amount of detoxification work required and whether you discuss other things that are going on outside of your initial concerns.

Supplement costs vary enormously but Sarah can give you some feel for these at each stage in the process. She always tries to work as economically as possible for you, but please understand that certain tools are required to achieve certain outcomes.

Appointment costs can be confirmed by contacting Sarah’s clinic on 06 379 7705 or through her contact page.

All skype or phone appointments must be paid for at the time of booking.