Chemotherapy Support

“Through my business The Lymphatic Clinic I see many people with cancer who are going through the mainstream chemo and radiotherapy.  When I see these clients the first thing I now do is get them using Purely Earth clay and the Essential Detox Minerals.  There are two reasons for this; their health and my own.

From working as closely as I do directly on my clients bodies, I have noticed there is a chemo vapour that comes off the cancer patients. This makes me extremely lethargic with a nasty metallic taste in my mouth and I get a clue what it must be like to go through chemotherapy. When I work on a new chemo client or anyone with heavy metal poisoning this happens. In the evening I now have a 20 minute bath in Purely Earth clay and have some Detox Minerals, and come right back to normal, invigorated and alert again.

The clients who use the clay baths at least twice a week throughout their chemo do not give off the same vapour (which is better for me and them) and they bounce through chemo so much better.  Some of them are convinced that the clay, mineral drops and my lymphatic work are the reason their hair grows back so quickly too.

I simply cannot imagine doing my work without this high quality clay.”

Joanne Booth, The Lymphatic Clinic Tauranga