“Hi – Firstly I love your bentoniteclay & diatomaceous earth.  I have sent a few of my patients to your site and they love it too.  One had ulcerated varicose veins which responded very very well and with speed (which we needed).  I am contacting you this time about a couple of patients with lymphedema from previous breast cancer – could the clay help to shift the fluid from their swollen arms?  Warm regards Georgia”

Sarah’s reply:

“Hi Georgia, Thanks for your lovely email. It is always wonderful to hear of the results. Yes the clay would be very good for lymphodema. It needs to be packed on thickly and left in place for probably around 2 hours minimum. Using food wrap to cover would be the best thing to prevent the clay from drying out. Cover the entire underarm and side of the breast. Daily to start. I would also recommend clay baths to reduce overall toxin load. Stay in touch and let us know how you go.”

2 months later Georgia contacted us to order more clay and told us that the clay had “worked fabulously” for the lymphodema patients.

Georgia Mugan, Red Crane Acupuncture