Please note: A number of other websites refer to using bentonite clay. Please DO NOT substitute their guidelines or product for ours. Our clay is stronger in its action than a lot of other clays, different in its texture and the way it behaves. Our guidelines are designed to work with our clay. Please be aware that results may vary and that if you have any other  pre-exisiting conditions, we advise working with a trained practitioner. 

The following information is not intended to diagnose any condition or to replace the advice of your doctor.  

Purely Earth Clay is helpful as a cleanser of the intestines and may assist with removing microbial infections from the bowel. It can help significantly with digestive upsets, gut infections, gas, reflux and bloating and will help to absorb toxic waste from the bowel.

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You can use clay internally to:

  • Reduce reflux and indigestion
  • Reduce bloating and gas
  • After food poisoning to help with detoxifying the bowel
  • To assist with metal and chemical removal through the bowel
  • To improve bowel function and the intestinal microbial balance
  • To assist with the healing of gastric ulcers
  • To reduce irritable bowel symptoms

To mix up the clay:

  • Do not try to mix Purely Earth Clay into a glass of water – it will not dissolve easily. It is best to make it into a “gel” as outlined below.
  • Do not encapsulate the clay. It needs to be made into a gel using water to activate it. It will swell when water is added and taking it in capsule form may result in the clay forming a clump in your gastro-tract. This may cause constipation and will not allow the clay to do its job correctly.
  • Put 1 cup of warm water into a bowl or container and add around 20 gm of clay powder, sprinkling it over the water surface. It will be quite clumpy to start – mix in as best as you can and leave it to sit for half an hour. Come back and use either a hand held wand blender or a hand whisk to blend to a smooth runny paste. If it is too runny, add a bit more clay powder. If it is too thick, add a little more water. It should look like a runny yoghurt.
  • You can make up a container-full and keep the unused hydrated clay in and air-tight container in the fridge for up to 3 months. This way you can help yourself to the ready made clay when you need it.

To take the clay:

  • Start by taking with 1 tsp of paste directly on to the tongue and swallow with some water on an empty stomach. It is easy to get down as it is soft and has little flavour.
  • Take the clay 1-2 hours away from medications and supplements as it may reduce their absorption.
  • Always drink plenty of water through the day when using clay internally.
  • After a couple of days you can increase to 1 tsp 2 x daily. Always start with a small amount and see how that goes over a few days before trying a higher dose.
  • If you experience a slowing of your bowels, check your water intake first. If it continues to be a problem, discontinue use. (This is unusual and generally only happens if our instruction is not being followed; most people notice an improvement in their bowel function).
  • Our clay may be used internally while breastfeeding, but due to regulations we recommend avoidance in pregnancy.

Purely Earth Clay is one of the best quality clays in the world and is used in the food industry for refining purposes. As a result it has to meet food industry standards and is certified as meeting Australian food safety standards Food Chemical Codex IV. We are required to mention that if you choose to use clay internally it must be on the understanding that it is at your own risk, even though bentonite clay is generally recognised as safe. We cannot be held responsible for the misuse of our clay or the failure of people to read and correctly interpret the instructions for its use.

© Purely Earth Ltd. This document may be copied and used as a patient handout in its entirety but is not to be replicated on any other websites or publishing media either in full or part without our permission.