Abnormal Mole Treated

“A couple of weeks ago I had a large mole on my arm which had recently become scaly and itchy. I scratched the top off it by accident and it grew back much darker, just as scaly and itchy. I started to put Purely Earth clay on it at night. This is what happened:

  1. This is the mole before clay packing.

Purely Earth - Abnormal Mole 1

  1. Showing the pack in place.

Purely Earth - Abnormal Mole 2

  1. This shows the result after 1 application left on over night. The mole felt quite sore and itchy.

The surrounding tissue became more raised. The site was left open to the air during the day.

Purely Earth - Abnormal Mole 3

  1. The clay was applied every night for the following 3 nights and left open during the day.

The middle of the mole got less painful and itchy.

Purely Earth - Abnormal Mole 4

Each day the middle became more obviously different from the surrounding tissue.

The site proceeded to form a concentrated centre which looked a bit like a plug of tissue.

The photo below is from the 5th day. You can see the plug on the top left side of the site.


  1. On the 5th day I was able to remove the plug.

The site filled with fresh bright red blood and was a nice clean normal looking opening as seen below.

No pain, no itch.

Purely Earth - Abnormal Mole 5

  1. I continued to pack with clay every night for the next 2 weeks and all of the scaliness, pain, and redness has gone.

Purely Earth - Abnormal Mole 6

It now feels like normal skin. I don’t know for sure if it was a mole that had turned nasty, but I can say the clay dealt with it whatever it was.”

S. Edwards