FUNGAL STOP – The Non-toxic Systemic Fungal Solution

Please note: A number of other websites refer to using chitin inhibitors. Please DO NOT use their guidelines or product in place of ours. We know how our product behaves and it may be different from theirs. Our guideline is designed to work with our product. The following information is not intended to diagnose any condition or to replace the advice of your doctor.

What is This Product and Why is it Different?

Candida hides itself from the body’s defenses by producing a chitin layer around its cell walls. It is the chitin layer that makes it so difficult to kill Candida without taking very strong medications that put stress on the liver and kidneys.

Fungal Stop is a Chitin Inhibitor

A chitin cell wall inhibitor will begin dissolving the protective coating of the Candida within the first few days of the course being started. At stages during the treatment, there may be something called a healing crisis which is explained below, and can occur in mammals who have extensive Candida infection throughout their bodies.

All chitin inhibitors are non toxic to mammals because mammals do not produce chitin anywhere in their bodies. Using Fungal Stop will have no effect on anything other than fungus, yeast or anything else living in the body that produces chitin as part of its structure. There are other anti fungal treatments available which have a different type of action. Most of these will place a larger burden on the liver and kidney function. Fungal Stop does not kill fungus directly, but removes its protective chitin coating which allows the immune system to identify it and kill it.

What is Fungal Stop Made Of?

Fungal Stop is a pharmaceutical grade laboratory created inert compound called Lufenuron. It works solely on chitin based organisms such as Candida, mites, fleas and some worms which have chitin as part of their mouth parts. Lufenuron is not broken down by the body into toxic chemical by-products and it does not cause any reactions in body systems other than those related to the die-off of yeasts and fungi. It is made from plant oil derivatives and basic chemical elements to create a completely non toxic fungicide that is pharmaceutical graded. The colour of the product may vary from white to off white from batch to batch.

Fungal Stop is NOT to be confused with the agricultural grade Lufenuron used for insecticide use which is created with chemical solvents. Our Lufenuron is 99% pure, is tested for metals and conforms with USP32 standards.

How is Fungal Stop Taken?

Fungal Stop is taken as a powder mixed into fatty food and must be included as part of a meal. It does not mix into water based liquids. It is best used in a 5 days on / 10 days off cycle for 3 cycles. Each pot contains enough to treat a 55-80 kg mammal for 1 course. The dose will need to be adjusted according to the size of the mammal using the dosage guide on the product brochure. If your mammal is heavier than this more than 1 pot will be required. Dosages are based on a loosely packed scoop, using the scoop that comes with the product.

See How to Use Fungal Stop for more information.

What Side Effects Can I Expect?

Fungal Stop is a potent antifungal and during treatment there may be a die-off reaction. Depending on the kind of infection you are treating, the die-off reaction can vary. Lufenuron is completely safe and from its use in millions of mammals over the past decade, we know that it is very unlikely that an allergic reaction occurs. Instead, what is experienced is usually the “Jarisch-Herxheimer” reaction, which is what happens when a large number of harmful micro-organisms get killed simultaneously, flooding the body with inflammatory substances and toxins from inside the dying parasites.

Your mammal may be more lethargic, irritable or out of sorts for a few days. There may also be temporary bowel changes, skin breakouts, an increase in itching and mental fogginess. These symptoms should clear within a few days with increased water intake and the detoxification support recommended on the product label.
Our recommendation is that you work in conjunction with a vet or natural health practitioner who is knowledgeable about the use of Lufenuron for treating parasitic or fungal infections.

How do I Know Whether the Problem is Fungal?

Candida is a yeast in the gut; it is natural and should be there. The problem arises when Candida yeast in the gut manages to invade the bloodstream and develop into another form which is Candida fungus. Due to Candida being ever present in the body in the yeast form it makes it more difficult to test for. Our advice is that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it’s a duck! If there are several of the signs and symptoms of Candida/fungal infection such as fungal nails; foot rot; Athlete’s foot; recurrent thrush; mastitis; peeling feet; dandruff; scaly, crusty and itchy skin; bloating and gas or a history of antibiotic use, there is most likely a fungal infection present.
As the treatment is safe and has no side effects we often say it is better to treat as if the fungal form is present than to ignore it because you cannot do a reliable test…

Fungal Stop is also very effective at treating mite infections.

How Does Fungal Stop Work?

Fungal Stop does not kill the Candida directly. What it does is to make it vulnerable to attack by the immune system. It loads into the fatty tissue of the body and is slowly released at a rate that enables the chitin structures in the Candida to be broken down. It is after each course of the treatment that the white blood cells are able to lay siege to the fungal colony. The treatment removes the Candida’s ability to generate the chitin layer which masks it from the immune system and makes it so difficult to treat.

What do I do if a Dose Gets Missed?

Missing up to one day’s treatment will not have too much effect. Just continue the course as usual. Any more than 1 day’s treatment missed and it may give the Candida an opportunity to ‘raise its shields’ again.

Are Other Anti-fungals Needed Also?

Other anti-fungals are not required with the treatment. Some mammals will suffer with a strong die off reaction which can involve yeast infections flaring up due to spores being released as the Candida fungus dies off. Grapefruit seed extract can be used in conjunction with the Fungal Stop to reduce the risk of this occurring, as can clay packing or douching of any susceptible area.

Why is the Treatment in Three Parts?

The treatment is designed to give the body as long a time as possible to launch its attack on the fungus. The amount of Fungal Stop loaded during each 5 day period is the right amount to allow sustained release over the following 10 days. 45 days of treatment is recommended. The whole course MUST be completed to take full effect.

Will a Second Course be Required?

The treatment will only work on existing mite infections, flea infestations and fungal and yeast colonies, and does not leave your mammal immune to new ones developing after the treatment. Occasionally with a stubborn infection a second treatment will be required straight after the first.

Diet and lifestyle are big factors that if not correctly maintained, can result in new fungal colonies developing over time. Fungal and yeast infections generally will only occur where the bacterial populations in the gut have been reduced and the resulting overgrowth of yeast or fungi is not being controlled by the immune system – usually due to a lack of nutrients and/or the suppressive effects of stress.

Supporting the immune system with minerals, antioxidants and probiotics is recommended. Many mammals with repeated fungal infections have a deficiency of bio available copper and zinc. Mineral testing through a reputable practitioner is recommended where repeat infections are an issue.

Can Fungal Stop be Used Alongside Medications?

Fungal Stop can be safely taken with any other medicines and can be a part of any diet. There are no known side effects or allergies to the substance. It does not affect the use of probiotics and probiotics are recommended alongside the Fungal Stop treatment course.

Fungal Stop has a zero glycemic index and is safe for diabetic mammals. Do not excessively use laxatives on Fungal Stop-taking days – only use them to promote normal bowel movements. Also, avoid absorbents (such as active charcoal or clay) on the days Fungal Stop is taken.

Our advice is that you work with an experienced practitioner such as Sarah who has been trained in the use of Fungal Stop to ensure you have the correct support.

Disclaimer: We make no claims for cure with this product because that is illegal. Fungal Stop has no known toxic effects at any dosage on humans or other animals in the environment that do not produce chitin. It is safe because it is biochemically inert to all mammals and unlike most standard anti-fungal treatments, does not place any stress on the liver or kidneys. This product has not been certified by the NZ health authorities for use in humans even though it is known to be safe for such purposes. It is registered as an over-the-counter veterinary product. If you buy it, it must be on this understanding. If you are wanting to use it with smaller or larger mammals, the dose must be adjusted for body weight according to the dosage guide on the product.

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